Save Our 70

Last year my husband (a chemical oceanography professor at the University of New Hampshire) and I started an ocean education social media campaign. We launched it on the day of the march for science as a way to share facts about the ocean with anyone yearning to know more. The ocean is massive, most of it empty and unexplored. With the climate changing rapidly, there is a huge need for humans to step up and protect what is 70+% of our planet. We feel we can inspire positive change through education and facts about our ocean, which is why every Friday we post an ocean fact to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check it out and share this knowledge with others! @SaveOur70

I recently designed this artwork for our fans and to promote the oceans, oceanography research, and as a visual aid to help understand how much of our planet is covered by our ocean! If you love this idea you can find this design on all kinds of merchandise! At my Society 6 shop RouseHouseDesign