Dr Suess Mural

Painting a Dr. Suess mural was so much fun! I chose a mash up of two books I love, The Lorax and Oh The Places You’ll Go! This project took a few weeks because first I had to paint the entire room light blue, then paint the mural, and finish with repainting the horribly painted baseboards and heating system. It was definitely worth it in the end. Here are a few process shots and the final product. Best tip for painting a mural with really curvy outlines like these, buy an acrylic paint maker, it made the job so much easier than using a brush. I also made custom curtains with my happy thoughts fabric, which has a whimsical balloon pattern. It can be purchased by the yard in any fabric here….https://www.spoonflower.com/designs/7947029-happy-thoughts-by-rousehousedesign Once the furniture is placed I will finish off the design with The Lorax painted somewhere fun!

Montreal Street Art

We went to Montreal in March, yes I know that's crazy. But we actually escaped a blizzard here in New Hampshire and were met with a reasonable amount of snow in Canada. It was cold and snowy, but so colorful with all these murals and fun stores!!! We had a great time and want to return to see the city in a warmer month =) We stayed on Rue Saint Laurent, where most of these murals were found. 

New Dresser

I recently painted this Miami Dolphins Inspired Dresser