Those Leggings!

They are in stock! Leggings digitally printed with my pattern are available on Society6 check it out and get a pair this weekend, they are having a Labor Day Sale!!!! They are super comfortable with a mosaic/kaleidoscope effect and the hidden yogi poses change direction, so when you are inverted the bottoms of the leggings will be in the right direction. Pretty fun and so unique! These are inspired by Mosaic Studios, here is San Diego, if you live in the area it is a MUST check out yoga spot. They also have a spot in Charlottesville. Have a great holiday weekend!


Amazing Wedding Gifts!

The pillow is a wedding gift from an interior designer/dear friend/bridesmaid, it is handmade with my Kentucky Reflections pattern. The chair we purchased with several wedding gift cards from Crate and Barrel it was custom built for us in North Carolina! The rug is from my Aunt Betsy, it is hand screen printed and wove, made in Ghana. She purchased it at the Santa Fe International Art Fair. 

I am in love with this space! We are very grateful for the wonderful, handmade gifts =)


New creative space

We moved to a new apartment in Golden Hill and I now have a "studio wall" it so much! The perfect apartment studio space. All I need to create these days is one wall of a room....a large art desk, a standup desk with my new iMac, and some storage space. This took lots of careful measuring but so worth it!