Summer of the left hand!

Well June 30th I fell off my bike and dislocated my right thumb =( very poor timing to injure myself right at the start of a busy summer of creativity and teaching. I have been trying to make the most of being a lefty, it has been a fun, but frustrating experience. Cutting with scissors, opening jars, and doing my hair have been next to impossible. My handwriting is atrocious! However, I am not terrible at teaching painting with my left hand or painting in general! I had to make a fundraising children's book themed painted bed (see below) I also learned what it's like for left handed kids to work in the art studio-found some new tips for them.  I am also grateful I am still very mobile and didn't injure my ankle or foot, making it possible to dance two nights away at Phish Chicago Summer Tour!!!! Life is always teaching lessons with its twists and turns.