The exhibition that completes my life

As far as I am concerned I never have to step foot in a museum or gallery again. My life is complete after seeing the Matisse retrospective at the MOMA in NYC of his "Jazz Cut Outs" These have been my favorite works of art pretty much since the day I first learned about them.  I have seen a few here and there at the Tate and the MOMA. But seeing them all together in one space from the first one he made to the stain glass windows of his final project... was something spectacular! Even though it was crowded (of course!) everyone viewing the work seemed to be in shock and awe mode. These works of art really please the masses with their vivid colors, decorative motifs, and abstract yet recognizable compositions. At least order the show catalogue if you can't make it to the MOMA. 

Thank you Henri Matisse!


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