Artist Statement

When was the last time you questioned and imagined what a Bird-of-Paradise looked like?  There is no need to fantasize because the Internet provides the world with thousands of images of everything possible and it takes seconds to discover appearances.  This is great for education however, ingenuity and the unknown are lost; people think and remember less with such vast references at their fingertips.  My artwork fills in this gap, encouraging people to imagine, interpret, and converse.  I have created a collection of prints and textiles, which converse with each other and unify aspects of design. The historical and theoretical context of my work is influenced by fiction, surrealism, Japanese prints, ornament, narrative abstraction, and formalism.  Innovation springs from methods of chance and intuitive spontaneity, which results in automatic drawings.  These drawings depict abstracted biomorphic and zoological characters I then place in different settings or situations.  Inimitable and enigmatic, my work touches on fantasy, humor, and the bizarre aspects of life and dreaming. It also provides entertainment that radiates energy and hopefully conjures happiness.  Surreal motifs encourage wonder, fuel imagination, and cannot be defined by an Internet search; everyone will interpret the work with their own twist, what is yours?