TA week 14 and 15

The last two weeks of class where the final critiques for the last two projects. Students really waited until today to finish everything so there was more work to look at today than last week. But everyone seemed unenthusiastic and barely said anything. I think everyone just wants to be finished, myself included. There are several seniors in the class that seem to be thinking only of graduating. There were a few students who shined, learned all the process, put forth a great amount of time and effort, and made great prints. The rest were very mediocre and I am not sure how a few are passing. We also graded the screens they built the first week of class. It makes since to grade them at the end, to see how well they held up using them throughout the semester. They all did a nice job making them, a few were warped. Kathy and I will be discussing the grading later tonight. It seems like a balanced class, a few A's lots of B's some C-D's and one student is going to fail for missing the last half of the semester and not dropping the class. I am also slightly confused by another student that didn't really do any of the assignments, but made some prints. Kathy said she has taken the advanced class so she is giving her more lee way, I still fell like she should be doing the assignments that everyone else is doing. I am interested to see how that works. She also skipped class today to turn things in. I am also interested to see how not having work for critiques will impact students grades, since this was a major problem with this class. Overall this experience has been wonderful, Kathy has been a great mentor. I am looking forward to teaching this class in a similar manner next fall!!!