Summer Mentor

This week kicked off my requirement for a mentor outside of CCAD. I will be working on Parsons Ave with Dan Colvin in his papermaking studio. I will be learning the ancient process of making paper and the more contemporary art of pulp painting. This week has involved research and reading about the history and traditions of making paper. Today I accompanied him to an elementary school that is making a pulp painting mural. It was a long day but I learned the basic concepts of working with the pulp, mixing colors, and other process oriented details. Because I was learning as I went and instructing kids at the same time I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge in a short amount of time. It was nice to go to a school and see kids excited about creating and having fun with the pulp. Next week we will be in the studio with a crash course on all the papermaking basics and finer details. There is so much to learn! I am looking forward to painting with the pulp and seeing where that takes me with my thesis project.