TA week 11

Our second critique happened this week. Even though students were given an extra week at least three didn't have anything to show and one student didn't come at all. The students seem so blase about not having their work as well, no excuse made or anything...just, "oh I haven't done it." Wow things are easy for students these days, these are seniors too!!! Good luck in the real world telling your boss Oh I didn't do it. I have a hard time relating to this because I was never that kind of student. The class has a good balance of those who care, those who try, and those who are wasting their money and energy...making it a great learning curve for me. The critique went well for the most part. Kathy wanted me to run it...which she told me right before class. I was a little mentally unprepared for that. It worked out for the best with her leading it and me interjecting a bit more and asking the students some questions as well. Maybe for the next one I will be ready to lead it. The forum for critique is excellent, I think. It feels relaxed, leads to good discussion, commenting, with criticism that isn't too harsh.