New prints: Screenprinted and a few include monoprinting techniques. I have revisited the sound poems I wrote at the beginning of the semester and have made this series of prints based of them. The poems are more like titles and are written by spontaneous though or chance. The images refer to the poems in some way but are also open to interpretation for the viewer. I have decided that the titles will not be underneath the print in a traditional manner but in a list at the beginning of the wall, this way the inspiration is present but the images stand alone.

I am enjoying screenprinting, as always. I now have two series of prints based off of the poems....They are very different from one another. It has been beneficial to have a stronger focus, making a line with spaghetti and then pushing this idea to exhaustion. For variation I have also been adding some shape and texture but line is my main interest. This is a whimsical quirky line, it is strangely similar to how I draw, which is why I am attracted to it. Unfortunately the colors are a bit off, damn you iphone you aren't perfect yet. I really need to bring my camera around the studio more.