MId semester thoughts

I have enjoyed the guest professors coming to seminar class. It is great to hear an outside perspective and improves our discussions most of the time. Now that we have all had our first round in this critique style..... maybe we could change it up to include a written critique in the coming weeks, along with our normal discussion. The next round we could try another style....I think this would mix things up some and could help everyone.

In regards to my project, I have had a rush of ideas!!!!! With Danielle's advice to focus on a concept, I am going to further investigate making the plates from spaghetti.

Spaghetti Considerations:

The noodles come alive after they are boiled, they have a story to tell.

*cooked vs. uncooked......geometric vs. organic
*study of line, relation to etch-a-sketches
*pasta widths.....line weight
*Italy, experience of living in Florence
*monoprinting and ink viscosity
*cursive wiriting
*Keith Harring
*Cermaic Tiles
*String Theory
*Brain Coral
*Throwing cooked pasta at plate

Other thoughts............