TA thoughts of Week 1 and 2

I am interning with Kathy McGhee, my advisor from last semester, in the silkscreening class. The first week was an average first day of class where we introduced ourselves, read the syllabus, looked at slides, and assigned students screens. It is funny how most classes, no matter what they are about, begin at the same slow pace and follow these same guidelines. Students sometimes intentionally skip the first class, knowing it is kind of a wasted day. However reading through the syllabus and discussing materials with students is a must because the majority will lose the syllabus right away and be confused.

This week's class was the polar opposite, expanding energy that is. We jumped right into the first project, building a silkscreen in the woodshop. This seemed chaotic at first, especially because Kathy was rushing, everyone seemed to be rushing. It is a huge task to get twelve students cutting wood on one machine at a time, so the rush was necessary. I had never made a screen myself, so I was making one as well. I was in the role of a student, half guessing I was doing things correctly and trying to answer all the questions I was asked. I stayed calm, took my time, and helped the students before working on my own screen. Even though it was hectic the class managed to finish half of the project. Kathy has done this assignment so many times she has the timing, tools, and teaching, down perfectly...what a good mentor to have! I was amazed at the success of the students putting together a tedious project in three hours.