Save Our 70

Last year my husband (a chemical oceanography professor at the University of New Hampshire) and I started an ocean education social media campaign. We launched it on the day of the march for science as a way to share facts about the ocean with anyone yearning to know more. The ocean is massive, most of it empty and unexplored. With the climate changing rapidly, there is a huge need for humans to step up and protect what is 70+% of our planet. We feel we can inspire positive change through education and facts about our ocean, which is why every Friday we post an ocean fact to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check it out and share this knowledge with others! @SaveOur70

I recently designed this artwork for our fans and to promote the oceans, oceanography research, and as a visual aid to help understand how much of our planet is covered by our ocean! If you love this idea you can find this design on all kinds of merchandise! At my Society 6 shop RouseHouseDesign

DIY Stand up Desk

Maybe your resolution for 2018 is to shake up your workspace! Here is a tutorial for a simple, affordable stand up desk. I built this for around 100 dollars, including the comfort floor mat, but not the chair.  I also owned a drill, which is definitely needed for this project as you want to be sure you have attached the desk accurately to the wall. I love working with the flexibility to stand up or sit down. ****It is very important to measure your height accurately and place the desk on the wall at the right height**** Do not skip or rush this step. 

Moving back to the four seasons!

In the past 13 years of my life I've spent two of those living somewhere with four seasons. I am thrilled and slightly scared to navigate seasonal changes again.  This fall has been truly exceptional weather and I have spent many hours outdoors discovering all the rural New Hampshire beauty. 

N E O N    P L A I D ! ! !

DIY Mod Podge Map Coasters

I have become fed up with the extremelllllllly long posts that people make when explaining how to cook a recipe or complete a simple DIY project. Therefore, I decided to create tutorials with clear directions on a one page PDF, no more scrolling through a book of anecdotes and advertisements just to re-read what step 6 was again! I made these coasters this summer with maps, it is super simple but you want to work on this project a little bit each day over a week or so, so start it when you have a little time each day to layer a coat of glue! 

Summer of the left hand!

Well June 30th I fell off my bike and dislocated my right thumb =( very poor timing to injure myself right at the start of a busy summer of creativity and teaching. I have been trying to make the most of being a lefty, it has been a fun, but frustrating experience. Cutting with scissors, opening jars, and doing my hair have been next to impossible. My handwriting is atrocious! However, I am not terrible at teaching painting with my left hand or painting in general! I had to make a fundraising children's book themed painted bed (see below) I also learned what it's like for left handed kids to work in the art studio-found some new tips for them.  I am also grateful I am still very mobile and didn't injure my ankle or foot, making it possible to dance two nights away at Phish Chicago Summer Tour!!!! Life is always teaching lessons with its twists and turns. 

HappY Pride Month!

Celebrate diversity, demand equality, say hi to your neighbors, and be kind!!! June is pride month in the United States, this "GeoBow" Pattern celebrates all living beings in every shape, size, and color. 

Ticket Stub Patterns

I absolutely love going to live music and dancing with friends. Once I made a ticket stub coffee table collage and made it permanent with epoxy. The tutorial can be found here, it is a very popular Pinterest pin and maybe what led you to my blog =) Here are some patterns generated from this very coffee table using the adobe capture tool. Enjoy!

Nature pics for Spring!!

I love seeing these nature thumbnails all spread across the page, and I thought you would too! These are just Pinterest pins of amazing creatures and plants, mainly in the ocean. How about all the colors and textures!!!?!?! Nature is my favorite source for inspiration =) 

Playful People!

As you might already realize, my artwork and patterns are made with my playful personality! My art has a cartoon vibe that sometimes includes a twist of surrealism or something odd. Also, I have always been fascinated by looking up words in the thesaurus, after looking up playful I realized there were SO many words and I just loved so many of them AND there was almost a synonym for all 26 letters of the English cool! I had to make this little poster about it. Enjoy!

And remember to keep life..... 


I am pretty obsessed with the Pantone color of the year for 2017. More than just a color, Greenery is a concept and a way of life. As someone who tries very hard to live green, for the Earth, the climate, and the future generations, this color speaks to me!!! I will definitely be including more green in my designs this year and everyday working to make choices that will leave this planet better than I found it! Here is a trend board with some Greenery, my personal pictures from  travels around the world. Enjoy! Reuse them, love them, be inspired, live green!

Plus Pantone has beautiful color palette inspirations to add more green in your life and balance this bountiful color with other beauties. Check it out below!

Vision Board

Making a vision board is an exercise in defining your brand and style, the top photos are from Ikea and Pinterest. The bottom two are RHD originals. 

Rouse House Design invents playful patterns that generate positive energy for the home, stationary, and quilting markets. Made for the young and young at heart. 

Upcoming Indigo Workshops in San Diego

Winter Indigo Dyeing and Shibori one day workshops!!

Haven't you always wanted to try this!!?? Now is the time....

Come make something for yourself or someone else! 

November 5th at Art Lounge in Encinitas 9:30am - 1:00 pm 

November 6th at Bravo School of Art in Point Loma 1:00pm - 5:00 pm

December 9th at Bravo School of Art in Point Loma 10:00am - 2:00 pm

December 10th at Art Lounge in Encinitas 10:00am - 1:00pm 

January 28th at Art Lounge in Encinitas 10:00am - 1:00pm 

February 5th at The Athenaeum La Jolla TBD 

Sculptures from the past...

It is always fun to peruse portfolios from years ago, here are three sculptures I made in college at the University of Miami....10 years ago! Wow!  

Piano Chair            circa 2007                 found objects

Sugar Addict                           circa 2006                         wood

Sugar Addict                           circa 2006                         wood

Organic Chemistry Massacre                circa 2006                                 found objects